Fresh Wholesale Flowers at Kennicott Brothers

Shop In-Store at One of 16 Locations Throughout the US

Kennicott Brothers sources the finest flowers from around the world for professional floral designers throughout the Midwest and beyond. Have your purchases delivered by our courteous staff, or pick up your products at your area Kennicott Brothers location.

Sourcing flowers wholesale from Kennicott Brothers means gaining a vital advantage in event design. Whether you’re designing for weddings, banquets or high-end events, you rely on quality flowers as a large component of their success. Having a reliable provider of fresh wholesale flowers takes one of the hassles out of your job. Work with us to see for yourself why event designers, wedding florists and flower shops count on us for wholesale fresh flowers that will delight their customers. We have 16 walk-in locations from Minneapolis to Atlanta including 4 stores in the Chicagoland area and the outlying suburbs. Kennicott Brothers works with event design professionals all over the nation, solidifying our reputation as one of the premier wholesale flower distributors in the US. Let us enhance your event design business by sourcing wholesale flowers that will elegantly complete your client’s events!

Bulk Flowers Delivered Direct

Kennicott Brothers can deliver flowers in bulk to you using any of the programs listed below. Take a look at our flower gallery for information on hundreds of varieties.

Kennicott Direct


Shop fresh flowers from the live inventory of the top flower farms. You set the delivery dates, and your flowers ship through your Kennicott salesperson.



Order flowers the Holland Flower Market online, 24/7. You set the delivery dates, and your flowers ship through your Kennicott salesperson.

Market Fresh Specials (Weekly)


Order flowers that haven't even been cut yet! Market Fresh flowers are still in the ground at our farms, so the you're literally ordering the freshest possible varieties, right from the source. At the moment they're cultivated, the flowers are already yours! Amazing deals on quality roses, hydrangeas, callas and more! Order Thursdays for delivery the following week.

Merchandiser Specials (Weekly)


Your weekly Merchandiser orders pull from top-quality flowers, fresh-cut and quality-controlled by the vendors who have established the highest level of trust in the industry. Order Wednesdays for delivery the following week.

Dazzler Specials (Monthly)


For those who want standing orders, but don't want to commit to a full year, the Dazzler is a perfect option. Place your standing orders each month for both farm-direct and Miami flowers. The Dazzler lets you "set it and forget it" while still allowing you to make changes throughout the year.