1. Blooming Wellness: Embrace the Healing Properties of Floral Therapy
    Blooming Wellness: Embrace the Healing Properties of Floral Therapy
    Floral therapy is an ancient practice, grounded in the belief that flowers do more than just please the eye. They have a profound abil....
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  2. passionflowersue
    The Mechanics for Trendy Vertical Floral Designs
    Photo: @passionflowersue (Instagram) We're fascinated with height. There are skyscrapers, sky diving, and the stiletto heel. Floral des....
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  3. Trending Florist Needs for Valentine's Day
    Trending Florist Needs for Valentine's Day
      Every year, in mid-January, florists begin performing small, ritualistic mental exercises. Remembering to breathe, imagining th....
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  4. greens-guide-header
    Green Foliage: Ten Varieties to Pair With Flowers
    The unsung hero of any floral arrangement, greenery can make or break your designs. From bouquets to arrangements, wreaths to installa....
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  5. finishedarrangement
    Enhance Your Designs With Floral Spray Paint
    Whether you're looking to enhance the natural color of your blooms or have a customer with a unique color palette, floral spray paint ....
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  6. instaheader
    8 Ways to Grow Your Floral Business With Instagram
    Whether you hate it or love it, there's no denying that social media has changed the dynamic of the business-consumer relationship. Wh....
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  7. driedbunches
    Embrace Sustainability With Dried Flowers
    Dried flowers are making a statement this season, and we're loving it! Perfect for every occasion, these design staples add a beautifu....
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  8. midnight_foam_design1
    Three Reasons Black Floral Foam is Fast-Becoming the New Green
    As much as floral designers apply skill and artistry to the colors and textures of their arrangements, an equal measure of cunning and....
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  9. bestofboth
    Bouquet Holder vs. Hand-tied: Which Technique Should You Be Using
    With the many stylistic decisions designers face when creating bouquets comes an equally important choice: the mechanics of how they'r....
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