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Get wholesale flower prices and luxury treatment at Kennicott Brothers!

An employee-owned national business with locations around the country, we’re the local wholesale florist for you — wherever you operate your business. From Minneapolis to Florida, we provide wholesale flowers, flower supplies, plants, holiday items and event décor to florists, wedding planners, event planners, floral designers, and other businesses. Whether you create unforgettable events for clients or re-sell flowers to consumers, we’re the wholesaler that helps you do it affordably and with style.

Beautiful Blooms for Event Planners and More

When your event requires the perfect floral touch, you need a wholesale provider you can trust — that’s why you need Kennicott Brothers. Committed to sourcing the finest fresh flowers from around the world, we have hundreds of varieties that you can explore in our online flower gallery. We regularly offer Market Fresh specials, Merchandiser specials, monthly Dazzler specials and other great deals — check out our Flowers page to learn more.

Multiple Wholesale Locations Throughout the Midwest and South

Sourcing floral products from specialty stems to everyday cut flowers and supplies, Kennicott Brothers delivers to your store or studio. What’s more, we service ten states through our 17 locations, giving you brick-and-mortar locations to visit in person. Whether you’re in the Chicago suburbs or Tampa, Florida, we have a production facility near you where you can go to browse a gallery of products, pick up orders and talk with professionals during office hours.

Call Kennicott Brothers today at 866-346-2826, or visit a Kennicott location near you to learn more!

Visit us in:

Waukegan, IL | Twin Cities, MN | Atlanta, GA

Along with other locations in
Illinois | Indiana | Michigan | Ohio | Wisconsin | Florida

Flower Trends Forecast 2017: Force of Nature with Pete Garcia Company

Force of Nature has serene shades of blue and green that calmly mingle with bright white. Heirloom roses come alive in artesian flared vessels alongside variegated foliage, ferns, and stem-dyed flowers. From Plus One at the Pete Garcia Company we included an artesian inspired wood lantern. The Pete Garcia Company provides floral products from ribbons and ceramics to bamboo-wrapped glass vessels to help us express the casual nautical and garden themes that make Force of Nature so appealing.

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