In moments of loss and grief, words often fall short in conveying the depth of our emotions. It is during these times that gestures speak volumes. Many delicate blooms serve as an expression of compassion, offering solace and support when it is needed most. Navigating the world of sympathy florals can be daunting, but understanding the different significance of popular flower choices can prepare you to help your customers convey the right message with sincerity.

Florals and Their Significance




As enduring symbols of love and devotion,

roses are often included in sympathy

arrangements to express heartfelt

condolences and affection for the departed.

White roses symbolize purity, innocence, and

reverence, making them a fitting choice for

honoring a loved one's memory. 




With their beautiful blooms and delicate

fragrance, lilies convey purity, and renewal.

White lilies are often associated with

sympathy and are frequently included in

funeral bouquets and arrangements as a

symbol of peace and solace. 




Symbolizing love, admiration, and remembrance,

carnations are a popular choice for sympathy

florals. Available in a range of colors, including

white, pink, and red, carnations can be

incorporated into arrangements to convey

different sentiments, from purity and innocence

to enduring love and affection. 




Renowned for their elegance and

beauty, orchids symbolize love,

luxury, and strength in adversity.

Orchid arrangements add a touch of

sophistication to sympathy florals and

convey a message of support and

resilience during challenging times. 




Also known as mums, these full multi-petaled

blooms hold different meanings across the

world. It is important to read your audience

choosing certain flowers, especially when they

have double meanings. In the U.S., mums are

lighthearted and honor the life of our loved ones. 


Calla Lilies


Elegant with a modern and timeless aesthetic.

These blooms are often associated with Easter

and used to represent holiness, faith, and

rebirth. Calla lilies make the perfect choice in

sympathy arrangements for religious families.  




These cheerful spring blooms are often

associated with a happy life. Daffodils

symbolize rebirth and new beginnings, a

beautiful flower with an optimistic outlook.

These flowers make the perfect choice for

sympathy arrangements due to their bright and

energetic appearance.




Hydrangeas are the perfect elegant flower

to include in any arrangement. However, be

careful when using them as a sympathy

floral. Although beautiful and timeless, the

meaning behind the flower varies culturally.

In the U.S., the hydrangea is linked to

heartfelt emotion and apology. Ensure you

know your audience before you make your

sympathy arrangements. 






Gardenias represent purity and peace. The

striking white flowers paired with their

natural fragrance offers comfort to those

who are mourning. 




Also known as a Peace Lily, the

Spathiphyllum symbolizes innocence and the

rebirth of a departed soul. Historically, the

plant is believed to be a positive omen

providing comfort and solace to the departed.