Long-Lasting Fresh

As a florist, keeping your arrangements fresh and vibrant for your clients is essential for your business. Use the following longevity techniques paired with resilient florals for the optimal results. By mastering these practices, you can better your arrangement quality, bettering your reputation and creating loyal clients.

5 Easy Steps to Increase Vase Life

Clean Tools and Vases: Make sure you use clean vases and disinfect your cutting tools to prevent bacteria.


Trim Stems: Cut stems at a 45-degree angle under water and remove any submerged leaves to prevent rot from occurring. Recut stems regularly.


Add Floral Preservatives: Feel free to use your favorite floral preservatives or shop Kennicott’s selection of FloraLife and Chrysal products. In addition, products that are Anti transparent are a must, Crowning Glory sprayed on fresh flowers can control moisture loss and Finishing Touch spray can provide nutrients to extend the life of flowers.  


Placement: Keep flowers in a cool, shaded area away from drafts, and heaters.


Water Quality: Check and refill water daily, change it every 2-3 days using room temperature water. Flowers absorb a lot of water, especially in the first few days.

Greenery and Flowers with Long Vase Life

These flowers have a sturdy structure and thick petals, which help them retain moisture and last up to two weeks. They are less prone to wilting and can withstand various temperatures, making them perfect for arrangements.

Carnations have dense, strong petals that retain water well. Their resilience to dehydration and ability to absorb water, adds to their long vase life of up to three weeks.

Cymbidium orchids have thick, waxy petals that decrease water loss and keep the flowers fresh for up to a month. They also have a natural resilience to varying humidity levels.

Known for its long-lasting qualities and pleasant fragrance, eucalyptus is a popular choice for arrangements. It dries beautifully and retains its shape and color well.

This variety of dianthus has dense, compact blooms that minimize water loss. The structure of the flower helps it retain moisture, making it long-lasting and adding a unique texture to arrangements.

This greenery has small, elongated leaves along a sturdy stem. It's versatile and holds up well, making it a popular choice for arrangements that need lasting greenery.

This fern variety has a robust structure and can endure well in arrangements. Its deep green foliage is also perfect for adding volume and texture.

With small, glossy leaves, myrtle is another great choice for arrangements. It holds up nicely due to its waxy surface that reduces water loss and can be used to add an elegant look.

These chrysanthemums are known for their long-lasting blooms due to their dense, multi-layered petals that retain water effectively. They can last up to two weeks when properly looked after.

With its thick, leathery leaves, salal is prized for its longevity. The leaves have a waxy coating that minimizes water loss, and the sturdy stems retain moisture well. It's often used as a filler in arrangements to add bulk and depth.

Known for its papery flowers that can last a long time due to their ability to retain their shape and color even when dried. Their low water requirements also contribute to their extended vase life.

Sunflowers are hardy with thick stems that allow for efficient water absorption and can last up to ten days. Keep their stems trimmed and give plenty of fresh water to maintain their bright yellow and full appearance.