All About South American Hydrangeas

About South American Hydrangeas

  • South American hydrangeas are available for purchase year-round.
  • Depending on the season and ph-levels of soil, varieties for South American hydrangeas range in hues of white, green, pink, blue, and purple.

Florist Care Guide

  • To care for South American hydrangeas, remove all but the first full-sized set of leaves on each stem and cut off at least 1 inch from the bottom of the stem. If bloom shows signs of wilting, recut the stem.
  • For holding flowers, put in a clean bucket of fresh flower food or hydrangea specific hydration solution. For consumer arrangements, place in a clean vase of fresh flower food solution.
  • Do not put Hydrangeas near fruit, in full sunlight or near any heaters.

How to Dry

  • You can dry South American hydrangeas all season.
  • Start the process of drying the hydrangeas once the stem is no longer absorbing water and the leaves are hanging or drooping.
  • Remove all of the leaves and hang the Hydrangea upside down in a warm, dry place until full dried out. 
  • Keep out of direct light and humidity and dried hydrangeas will last indefinitely.  Florists use dried hydrangeas in wreaths, bouquets, and arrangements with other dried florals.