All About Red Roses

About Red Roses

  • Roses have strong, sturdy stems and an unforgettable fragrance.
  • Florists should look for roses that have just begun to unfurl, these are the best cut roses to buy. Roses will take about 2 weeks from the time a bud is set to the time the blossom opens.

Florist Care Guide

  • To care for red roses, remove lower leaves of the stems while being careful of thorns. Cut off 1 inch of stem from the bottom.
  • Put red roses in a clean vase or container with fresh water and flower food.
  • Do not put roses near fruit, in full sunlight or near any heaters.

Guard Petals

  • The outer petals of roses tend to be different than other flowers, these are called Guard Petals.
  • Florists may choose to remove guard petals for aesthetic reasons. To remove simply hold each petal firmly and give a gentle tug to remove.
  • The guard petals also can be kept to add a naturalistic element.