All About Peonies

About Peonies

  • The Peony flower is celebrated for it's beauty and frangrance.
  • Peonies are grown in a wide range of colors from reds, pinks, whites, yellows, and corals. The flowers can be single, double, or multiple layers with a varying center formation.
  • This flower is surrounded by lush, glossy green foliage.

Florist Care Guide

  • Peonies are delicate flowers that need to be handled with care. Petals can bruise easily.
  • Remove leaves at the bottom of the stems. They do not need to have their stem cut.
  • Put Peonies in a clean vase or container, fill with fresh water and flower food. Peonies respond very well to the use of flower food to increase vase life. Hydrate for 4-6 hours before arranging them.

Tips and Tricks

  • You can dry store Peonies if they are still in bud form in the cooler to make them last longer.
  • Once they start to open, it is best to keep them in water,
  • Proper hydration is crucial for Peonies to bloom. The longer they are in water, the more they will open. 
  • Keep away from sunlight, drafts, or heat sources. Peonies prefer cooler temperatures.