All About Lisianthus

About Lisianthus

  • Lisianthus has a delicate funnel-shaped bloom atop long, slender stems.
  • Petals of lisianthus can be single, double, or ruffled.
  • Variety of vibrant colors and shades from pure whites, soft pinks, deep purples, and bi-colored petals.

Florist Care Guide

  • To care for lisianthus, remove lower leaves of the stems. Cut off 1 inch of stem from the bottom.
  • Lisianthus are hungry flowers. After putting them in a clean vase or container, fill with fresh water and plenty of flower food.
  • Wet storage improves the vase life and bud development of lisianthus.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you place lisianthus flowers horizontally, gravity causes the flower to curl up to the sky. This is known as geotropism.
  • Recognized for its longevity, lisianthus has an impressive vase life when cared for properly.  Lisianthus is a great option for florists with arrangements that will be displayed for longer periods of time.
  • The lisianthus flower is also used in herbal remedies and known for its bitter taste.