Whether you're a seasoned floral expert or just starting out, understanding the basics of plant care is essential, yet can be hard at times. Read on to extend your plants’ shelf life, and ultimately save some money with these tips and tricks.

Choose the Right Plant


Selecting the right plant for your environment is crucial.
Consider factors such as light exposure, humidity levels, and available space. You want to offer plants to your customers that you know you can take care of and keep fresh. It is also important to never over commit to high maintenance plants. Try out low-maintenance varieties like succulents, orchids, or bamboo to help save time and spare you the struggle.

Light and Water


Proper lighting and watering are the cornerstones of plant care. Most plants thrive in indirect sunlight, although some may require more or less. Monitor your plant's response to sunlight and adjust accordingly. When it comes to watering, consistency is key. Research the specific needs of each plant you offer; overwatering can be just as harmful as underwatering.

Temperature and Humidity


Maintain a stable temperature and humidity level to 
mimic your plant's natural habitat. Most indoor plants prefer temperatures between 65 F to 75 F and moderate humidity. Grouping plants together can create a microclimate that boosts humidity levels.

Observation and Adaptation


Above all, observe your plants closely and learn to recognize their individual needs. Pay attention to signs of stress or distress, such as wilting, yellowing leaves, or stunted growth. Experiment with different care techniques and be willing to adapt your approach based on your plant's response.