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Step into the world of floral excellence with Kennicott. When you shop with Kennicott, you're not just getting flowers- you're tapping into a network of the finest flower farms and suppliers.
With over 140 years of expertise, we're committed to being the best partner to each and every customer.
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Kennicott Direct





Dive into a floral wonderland at Kennicott! Discover everything you need to bring your designs to life—from everyday glassware and floral foam, to supply basics and vibrant ribbon. Plus, with our handy self-service portal, managing your account is easy. Dive in and let your creativity bloom with supplies at Kennicott! 


Get ready to bloom with Kennicott Direct – your go to hotspot for snagging the freshest blooms around! Straight from top-notch flower farms to your local Kennicott, we’ve got a treasure trove of exquisite petals and everyday blooms waiting just for you. 


Unlock a floral paradise with Holex, your passport to the finest Dutch blooms imaginable! Dive into a world bursting with choices, where every click brings you closer to your floral masterpiece. 



Showroom 1881


Explore Kennicott’s expanding collection of special-order floral supplies and accents. Showroom 1881 is bursting with uniquely crafted designs, all made with impeccable quality and style. Whether your shopping online or swinging by our Chicago location, Showroom 1881 products are ready to elevate your design masterpiece. 







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