Best Practices For Buying (and Selling) Poinsettias

Posted by Joe Barnes, Marketing Manager, Kennicott/Nordlie on Nov 7th 2017

In the world of potted plants, the Poinsettia is the reigning champ for popularity and units sold. Production and sales of the popular holiday staple seems to grow every year, and with good reason. The festive reds and warm whites bring out the Christmas spirit like no other plant.

While they do require a different care & handling approach than many other potted plants, poinsettias are easy to maintain and display in your shop. Use the information from this blog post brush up on the best practices to use when ordering and receiving your holiday poinsettias.

Assessing Plant Health Before You Buy

The colored leaves get the most attention, but be sure to look for some naturally-green leaves, too. Lots of green foliage on an otherwise colorful poinsettia indicates a healthy root system. But, if the colored leaves (known as bracts) have too much green around the edges, it means that particular plant has not yet matured.

Wait Until Dry, So It Doesn’t Die

Let the soil dry before re-watering! Poinsettias are quick to succumb to root-rot. Don’t overwater, or your beautiful plants will die. If the soil feels dry, water it. Also, if your poinsettias are sitting in a waterproof saucer, get rid of any residual water that may have collected there to avoid re-saturation. You’ll want to avoid getting the bracts wet when you water, as well.

Cold Temps: The Threat Is Real!

Avoid storing your poinsettias below 50°F. An ideal temperature range is between 65-75°F. Your wholesaler should wrap them in a sleeve if you’re picking up poinsettias on a cold, windy day. And don’t leave them in your car… go straight to your shop for unloading.

Sunlight is a poinsettia’s best friend, but avoid placing them to close to a freezing cold windows. Ideally, choose an area that gets a little shade as well; too much direct sunlight can discolor the leaves.

Unpack Immediately Upon Receipt

Do not leave your poinsettias in their shipping boxes any longer than necessary! Remove all protective wrap from your poinsettias as soon as you unload them, then display them about 4 inches apart from each other. Air circulation between the plants will contribute to longer life and overall good health for your poinsettias. As with most plants, mushing them together in tight clusters will slowly rob them of vital air circulation.

We are ready to secure your Poinsettia orders today! Contact your sales rep and let them reserve the best varieties from our network of top growers.