All About Dutch Hydrangeas

About Dutch Hydrangeas

  • There are 2 types of Dutch hydrangeas: fresh and classic.
  • Fresh varieties are available between April and November in hues of white, green, pink, blue, and purple.
  • Hydrangea flowers keep changing colors until cut, later in the season classic Dutch varieties become available. From June thru February classic types are ready with silvered, greyed or 'classic' colors.

Florist Care Guide

  • To care for Dutch hydrangeas, remove lower leaves of the stems. Cut off 1 inch of stem from the bottom and repeat every 3 days.
  • Put Hydrangeas in a clean vase or container with fresh water and flower food.
  • Do not put hydrangeas near fruit baskets, in full sunlight, or near any heaters.

How to Dry Dutch Hydrangeas

  •  From October to February you can dry classic Dutch hydrangea.
  • Start the process of drying the hydrangeas once the stem is no longer absorbing water and the leaves are hanging or drooping.
  • Remove all of the leaves and hang the hydrangea upside down in a warm, dry place until fully dried out.
  • Keep out of direct light and humidity and dried hydrangeas will last indefinitely.  Florists use dried hydrangeas in wreaths, bouquets, and arrangements with other dried florals.