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by Gail Pabst, Peony Hotline

The winter peony season has begun and Chilean peonies are bigger and better than ever!  With all the different colors and varieties available this season, your holiday designs and sales are looking bright.

This season, when you deck the halls, add some sparkle with the many different peonies available from your most trusted wholesaler. Here are some options to get your creative juices flowing...

p 0005 Festiva Maxima
Festiva Maxima

Looking for the perfect flower for winter brides? Festiva Maxima, a peony with white and red flecks, captures two of the season's favorite colors. Ode to elegance with its intoxicating fragrance, the Festiva Maxima is a brilliant way to brighten up winter parties and bouquets.

p 0001 Red Charm
Red Charm

Add a Christmas burgundy to holiday designs. This gigantic, award-winning, bouffant bloom is recognized as the best deep-red double peony available. The rich merlot-colored flower features a high rounded crown and a sweet-spicy fragrance. Red Charm adds the perfect accent.

p 0000 Sarah Bernhardt
Sarah Bernhardt

As classic a peony as they come! Let Sarah Bernhardt's extraordinarily big and deliciously-fragrant blossoms bring a sense of tradition to your event as the monochromatic pink color scheme dazzles onlookers.

p 0004 Gardenia

This blush-pink double peony brings so much texture, fragrance and cloud-like warmth to floral designs and arrangements. Gardenia is an ideal winter wedding peony.

p 0008 Coral Sunset
Coral Sunset

This ruffled, semi-double peony blooms with coral pink outer petals, boasting rose overtones and gold center stamens. Its moderate fragrance will delight time and again. Coral Sunset also works well in fall-themed floral designs.

p 0006 Felix Supreme
Felix Supreme

You can never go wrong with Felix Supreme, the rare heirloom peony with a big head and bright, beautiful color. In contrast, this hot pink/raspberry red flower has a subtle floral note.

Henry Bockstoce

These large, dark-burgundy peonies are always a show-stopper. Strong, rich and bold with a lovely fragrance, the Henry Bockstoce is a great choice when you want a design or centerpiece that leverages scent for additional impact.

p 0007 duchesse de nemours
Duchess de Nemours

First introduced in the mid-19th century, Duchess de Nemours is a fragrant double-flower that remains the standard by which all other white peonies are judged. A touch of yellow at the base of the ruffled inner petals warms them with a lovely candle-like glow for the holidays.

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