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The idea of using fresh-cut clematises as design flowers is often overlooked by wedding and flower professionals, largely because other varieties tend to steal the limelight. Roses, peonies, and orchids always seem to take center stage; look a little deeper, though, and you’ll notice some outstanding supporting roles played by flowers like the colorful clematis


Clematises are one of the best flowers for events, sometimes rivaling even alstroemerias for long vase life. Typically a clematis will last 7 days in the vase, but there are a few clematis varieties that can last up to two weeks!


Be sure to buy your Clematis when they are only ¾ of the way open, or just on the verge of opening – depending on the timing of your event. Be wary of buying a clematis that has been fully opened for a few days, as you may not get the longevity out of it that you want. When in doubt, touch the stamens. If they dislodge from the flower from simple physical contact, then the clematis has already peaked.


Placing your new clematises in warm water will speed up the blooming process – a good tip only for when you’re attempting perfect timing on wedding designs. Normally however, for everyday arrangements, lukewarm water is recommended. Once your designs are finished, remember that clematises don’t like heat or direct drafts. Keep them out of sunlight, and away from A/C vents.

Some argue that the best season for clematises has come and gone, but Kennicott Brothers offers availability through October, and possibly later. Ask your sales representative which colors are available for your next big wedding job! 

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