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Brides often know which colors they want for their weddings, but they seldom consider textures for their big day. As a floral designer, your ability to leverage both is a testament to your craft (and your profession). Fall is upon us, bringing with it textures in many forms, all of which take your creations in directions that will turn heads, and generate referrals.


Starflower Pincushions (Scabiosa pods), with their earthy colors and spherical composition, add a lovely pop of texture to any floral arrangement. Lotus pods, on the other hand, offer a bolder look – with their odd shape and pitted surface. Nigella, Poppy, Montbretia, and so many other pod-options can elevate your Fall designs to new heights.


In nature, flowers are always surrounded by accompaniment – usually grass and foliage, rich in texture (if not color). By combining with flowers natural elements like Bunny, Wheat, Bay Leaf and Rosemary, you are surrounding your “stars” with vital supporting roles. Your wholesaler offers almost as many varieties of grasses and foliage as they do actual flowers. Take the time to explore the many available options, so you can create the perfect recipe to suit your bride’s taste.


Hypericum and Brunnia are popular berries that top designers are using to infuse their floral creations with more texture. Blackberry and Viburnum, although often difficult to find, can also help achieve a rare and unique look.  Fall is the perfect time of year to really explore the myriad berry options sourced by your wholesaler. In many cases, the berries take the lead – with flowers serving as the accent!

Be creative! Think about feathers, beads and other unconventional additions as attention-grabbing texture options. Fall comes and goes quickly – seize the season and leave your mark with the right accents for the occasion.

kenn blog fall textures2